How to Ride the MBTA

can u travel on purple line with mbta subway pass

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, or “The T,” serves Boston and several surrounding communities by offering subway, bus, Commuter Rail and ferry services. As one of the most widely used forms of mass transit in America, The MBTA features accessible stations, trip planning assistance and discounted fares for seniors and people with disabilities – with wheelchair ramps installed on most buses and trains as well as seats reserved specifically for these passengers – in addition to trained employees to assist those with disabilities.

Charlie Cards are the main way to ride the MBTA, providing contactless smart card value storage for subway and bus rides. You can load cash or passes onto it, register it with MyCharlie to protect against loss or theft, and purchase one from most subway and bus stations, retail locations or online. Alternatively, the MBTA mTicket App enables mobile ticketing of digital passes for subway and Commuter Rail rides.

Your payment options for T rides include purchasing paper tickets or cash at an on-board fare box; unfortunately these fare boxes do not accept credit or debit cards. In addition, the mTicket app allows you to purchase and activate an MBTA Commuter Rail or Inner Harbor Ferry ride before you board.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or MBTA, features five color-coded lines: Red, Green, Orange, Blue and Silver. A one-way ticket using either Charlie Cards or paper tickets costs just $2.40 with free transfer to subway service included. Buying Inner Harbor Ferry or Commuter Rail tickets through the mTicket app is the fastest and easiest way of getting them, however they can also be purchased at many subway or bus stations across Boston.

Most MBTA stations feature Fare Vending Machines where you can purchase Charlie Tickets or LinkPasses, add money to your Charlie Card account or buy preloaded Charlie Cards. Some above-ground stations and bus stops have limited fare boxes which you may use instead. mTicket and digital pass apps on smartphones allow customers to also buy these passes as well as a range of other products like phone accessories, T-shirts or coffee mugs.

Can You Travel on Purple Line With Mbta Subway Pass

Rush hour can be stressful on everyone onboard the subway. To minimize stress levels during these hours, plan your trip ahead and try not to use it during this period if at all possible. Also bring along snacks and water in case delays arise or plans change unexpectedly along the route.

The Purple Line is a rapid transit train that operates daily between Linden and Howard via Evanston on weekdays and provides express service during rush-hour periods. Although classified by MBTA as a subway system, most Boston locals consider it more like a bus due to its aboveground routes.