Does Any Florida Lottery Game Have a Rolldown Rule?

Have you heard about the lottery roll down rule, and its ability to increase your chances of winning a larger prize? Unfortunately, many don’t know exactly what it entails or when it applies – this article will help shed some light on its workings and when its effects take place.

The Florida Lottery is a state-controlled, interstate gaming enterprise established by voters in 1986 via a constitutional amendment. Its purpose is to raise extra funding for Florida education via the Education Enhancement Trust Fund and Bright Futures scholarships. The Lottery Commission oversees its business operations.

Players looking to join the Florida Lottery can select their game of choice and fill out either a paper playslip or use an authorized electronic device with selections, or have one generated automatically by computer. After making selections, they can either hand their playslip to a clerk for payment or insert it directly into a Florida Lottery machine or terminal to purchase tickets; depending on which selections they make they may qualify for up to 52 consecutive drawings for Florida Lotto; 30 draws each for Lucky Money/Fantasy 5; 14 consecutive draws when using Lucky Money/Fantasy 5.

If no one matches all five numbers drawn for FANTASY 5, then the top prize “rolls down,” increasing the amount that players with three or four matching numbers win. There are two daily draws – midday and evening draws – while players can also select Combo as an added chance of success by combining matches on their ticket.

FLORIDA LOTTO players can enhance their chances of winning big by adding additional features for an additional $1 per play, such as Double Play (an additional chance to win up to $250,000 cash prizes in an extra drawing) and EZmatch (match your numbers with one of six special Multiplier numbers that multiply non-jackpot cash prizes by two, three, four, five or even ten times!). Both features give an added boost.

Purchasing Lottery tickets from authorized retailers gives players two payment options for winning prizes: either monthly annuities of 30 payments or lump-sum payout (typically 1/2 of advertised jackpot minus federal income taxes). Either way, winners must claim their prize within 180 days after an applicable drawing; to do this successfully they should visit an authorized Lottery retailer or Florida Lottery office; more information can be found at Florida Lottery website.