How Much Is Home Health Care Per Hour?

Home health care can be an excellent option for families that wish to keep their loved ones at home instead of moving them into a nursing home. Home health aides provide help with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning and taking medication; in addition to more specialized care services like wound dressing or physical therapy. Medicare, Medicaid and private pay typically cover this form of care; it’s also worth understanding the hourly costs when planning long-term senior care needs.

Home Health Care Costs Per Hour

A number of factors affect how much home health care costs. Of particular note is location; it plays an immense role in both cost and availability. Metropolitan areas with higher housing and living costs will likely offer more expensive rates while lesser populated states may provide fewer services at more reasonable costs.

As part of your home health care budgeting strategy, it’s also essential to assess what level of assistance is necessary for your loved one. Basic homecare such as companionship or personal assistance usually costs less than home health assistance which provides more intensive medical support. For those requiring assistance beyond daily activities alone, 24-hour home health care may provide solutions tailored specifically to meet medical requirements.

Most seniors requiring home care usually choose a private caregiver through a home healthcare agency. This can provide your loved one with professional supervision as well as ensure the agency meets state hiring and background check regulations, while many agencies also offer benefits like worker’s compensation insurance that could save them money over time.

Home health care rates differ according to state, with some locations having higher hourly costs than others. To view your average hourly cost on our interactive map below, hover your cursor over it.

Home care services on average cost $22 an hour on average; however, costs could increase for services like skilled nursing. Medicare may cover these types of specialized home care when required as part of an illness or injury treatment plan.

For more information about funding home health care, visit our Medicare Guide. You may also benefit from local support through the State Health and Insurance Program counselors; these advisors offer expert assistance with Medicare coverage and making the most of benefits available to you. To locate one near you simply enter your zip code here – they are free of charge and available 24/7/365 so that you get quality care at a fair price. Even if you’re not covered by Medicare you can still reach out and contact a SHIP counselor to learn about funding home care as well as other senior assistance options available to seniors.