How to Ride the Subway in Boston

can u travel on purple line with mbta subway pass

The Boston public transportation system, commonly referred to as “the T,” serves the greater Boston area through buses, ferries, commuter rail lines, and subways. More than 1 million people ride the T each day – peak commute times being morning and evening rush hour commute times for example. Connecting suburbs with downtown Boston as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also offering affordable transport solutions for many of Boston’s vulnerable citizens; all this makes the MBTA an indispensable service in its mission of connecting Bostonians.

The T is designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities, from wheelchair users to those with disabilities who may qualify for discounted fares. For more information about accessibility visit MBTA’s Accessibility page; for those unable to use other modes of transport the RIDE service is also offered as a paratransit solution.

To use the subway, passengers need either a Charlie Card or paper ticket. A Charlie Card is a smart card with stored value that can be used to pay for multiple rides on subway, bus, ferry services – it can even be loaded at on-board fare boxes! Charlie Cards can be found at most MBTA retail outlets as well as convenience stores; their website contains additional information, such as zone maps and trip planner tools.

Customers of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) can contact customer service with questions or issues, as well as find helpful information in one of its printed brochures; such as, for instance, “Seniors on the T” featuring tips specifically targeted toward seniors and their families and discounts available through MBTA services.

Purchase of the Day/Week LinkPass can also be completed online or at fare boxes located on above-ground subway and bus stops, providing unlimited travel on both lines. Adults, children, students, persons with disabilities (children under 11) as well as legally blind individuals can ride free. MBTA also offers an affordable Senior Citizen Discount Program to those eligible.

As you ride the subway, be mindful that seats near the doors are reserved for elderly and disabled passengers. If you see someone from either group boarding the train, offer them that seat. Remembering the subway can become extremely crowded during rush hour can make for an unpleasant ride; to plan accordingly and arrive at the station with ample time before rush hour begins is best advised.