How to Tell What Slot Machine Hits the Most

what slot machine hits the most

Slot machines have produced some of the biggest jackpot wins in casino history despite their seemingly low stakes, with massive jackpot wins occurring more often than expected. While many hardline gamblers may dismiss slot machines as mere side bets that only provide small winnings, in reality some of these machines can hit massive sums of cash – what are their secrets that enable such successful gambling experiences and how can one know which slot machine hits most often?

1. Evaluate the payout of each machine before beginning playing. One of the best ways to find a loose slot machine is to spend some time testing its payout before investing any real money in it. You can do this by placing several dollars into it and seeing what return comes back out; if after some time you break even then this machine could well be loose and will probably pay out more in future play sessions; otherwise you should move onto another. To increase your odds of finding loose machines more often move around your casino floor trying different machines at different times until one becomes looser than before starting play – increase your odds!