Are Casino Games Rigged?

Casino games have many myths surrounding them, with one prominent being that they’re always designed to favour the house. While casinos do have built-in advantages to ensure they make a profit over time, this doesn’t need to be done via any illicit means; some operators do try to gain unfair advantages by manipulating casino games however and players should still remain wary that they could be getting taken advantage of by unfair operators. Although smokey rooms and back alleys might no longer exist today, players should still remain wary that they might be getting taken advantage of.

First and foremost, it’s essential to remember that casino games do indeed possess an edge, though this might not appear so at first glance. While the house doesn’t always win outright, over time they do gain an advantage due to something called the law of large numbers; basically when considering that casinos deal in millions of hands a year it will eventually approach its mathematical advantage much quicker than an individual player would ever reach it on his or her own.

Therefore, it’s essential to double-check the odds before making your decision on any game you play. A quick glance at a slot machine’s paytable or options menu should give an accurate account of its odds; should anything seem off then perhaps its best to look elsewhere for entertainment.

If you have concerns about the integrity of a casino you’re playing at, it is a good idea to read their Terms and Conditions thoroughly. Although most of us tend to quickly skim these documents when looking for bonus offers, reading through all their clauses could reveal any red flags such as charging dormancy fees, refusing winning payouts or changing T&Cs without notice.

There’s also the misconception that casinos will freeze up when winning players are at their peak, however this is untrue. All casinos face some form of lag or buffering issues but it is extremely rare for this to be directly caused by winning players. Winning players may still be banned but this would usually be because of breaking site terms and conditions rather than any attempt from casinos to stop them winning.

Keep in mind that losing on any casino game, be it video slots or blackjack tables, is to be expected and experienced by most gamblers over their lifetimes. When on a lucky streak however, reputable casinos with excellent customer support and no dormancy fee should be chosen to ensure maximum benefits from winning streaks that exceed maximum jackpot payout limits are preferred over casinos who ban winning players or prohibit their winnings entirely.